Nia SELFLESS Routine and Moving to Heal. Music by Karen Drucker. Choreography by Casey Bernstein

M.A.P: Women in Recovery

Sample Class I - Stepping IN

Sample Class II - Get Moving

Class songs:

Song: Jingo - Form & Freedom

Song:  Break the Chain empowerment

Song: Trip the Light  community

Song: Don't Stop the Feeling Joy!

Song: The Serenity Prayer /Meditation

Song: Amazing Grace

For Teen Girls of Trauma:

Song: Ooh Child

M.A.P. for Women living with cancer

Simple movement -inspiring music by Karen Drucker:

Song 1: Breathe

Song 2: Thank you

Song 3: Gifts of the Goddess

Song 4: Healed Whole & Healthy

Breast Cancer recovery stretch and applied movement; I am Light

Extra M.A.P. video clips

Traumatic Brain Injury group:

Harlem Shake  dance fun!

I wanna get on the Ellen Show!

Don't Stop the Dance ( Casey)

Where is Ellen Dancing Now? ( Casey)

Why I choose to Share Nia/Yoga with Teen girls of trauma


St Anne’s for Girls 

My Father was a lawyer. As a child, he was raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the Depression. Despite opposition from his Mother ( I don’t know about his Father ) he went to college at Temple University and then Cornell Law School. My father was best friends with my Mother’s brother. They were two years younger than my Mother. My Uncle, my Father’s best friend, died at Normandy during World War II. My Father returned home after fighting in the War. My Father c