Yoga with Casey


Yoga's bio

Yoga:  Casey has been teaching yoga since 2000. She received her yoga training with the Houston Yoga School, She has studied with Rodney Yee, David Life, (Jivamukti Yoga) and Erich Schiffman. She currently teaches, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Pulse and offers adaptive yoga in special populations. 

About Yoga

Yoga Pulse is a combination of synchronized with music to create a vibrate yoga practice. It gives the opportunity to craft with music.  Music can be used with the yoga flow, used for the organic count and hold of the posture or fall to the background for an ambient music to craft and shift the focus and intent of the yoga class. With Casey Bernstein 

Yoga Schedule with Casey

Tuesdays at 

12 - 1:15 pm Noon stretch and relax

5:45 - 7pm   Gentle/Beginner yoga

More classes at The Center for Nia & Yoga

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics: is designed to introduce and simplify yoga so that it is accessible and possible for those new to yoga, healing and the elderly. (Please check with your Physician before this and any exercise program) 

Yoga Basics 

1.The Six Positions of the Spine Yoga in a Chair

The Six movement positions of the spine are:forward, back, lateral ( right & left) and rotation (right & left.)

2. The Six Movements of the Spine: "Stairway to Heaven"

a. Movement Level I  smaller range of movement.

b.  Movement 

Nia Floorplay

Nia Floorplay

Song: "Get Here" by Oleta Adam

Focus: Speed: slow and fast