Focus on the Latissimus Dorsi Muscle

our "angel wings"
Song 1: If God Would be Angels

Song 2 & 3:  Uninvited & Just a Day

Song 4: Feelin' Love

Song 5: Further Up the Road

Song 6: Iris

Song 7: Thousand Miles

Song 8: Pretty Baby

Song 9; Angel

Song 10: Calling All Angels

Morning Glory

Morning Glory; inspired by movement that spiral and come in and out for the heart/chest.

Song 1; Breathless

Song 2: Superwoman

Song 3: Girl on FIre

Song 4: My Friend

Song 5: Call Me

Song 6: Lose Yourself

Song 7: Can't Stop the Feeling

Song 8: Rise Up

Song 9: Om Shanti

Song 10: Amazing Grace

Song 11: Sunshine

Move in the Right Directiom

The focus is on the rotator cuff of the shoulder and the whole foot.

Song 1: I Dare

Song 2: Keep Your Head Up

Song 3: One Foot

Song 4: Good to Be Alive

Song 5: Nothing Holding me Back

Song 6: Play that Song

Song 7 What About Us?

Slumdog Millionaire

The focus is on pelvis-chest & head as 
movement metaphor and dancing to the songs of the music.

Song 1: O Saya

Song 2: Riot

Song 3: Mausam and Escape

Song 4: Paper Planes

Song 5: Paper Planes- remix

Song 6: Ringa Ringa

Song 7:  Liquid Dance

Song 8: Latika's Song

Song 9:  Aaf Ki Raat

Song 10: Millionaire

Song 11: Gansta Blues

Song 12: Jai Ho / Jai Ho (3 /18)

Song 13: Dreams on Fire

Stairway to Heaven

The Focus: When in doubt - Rock ON!

Song 1: Stairway to Heaven 

Song 2: Bohemian Rhapsody

Song 7: I've Seen all Good People

Song 8: Immigration Song

Song 11: Kashmire

Song 12: Stairway to Heaven (floorplay)

Sweet Devotion/Adele

The focus is : on the 3 planes and 3 levels of intensity.

Song 1: Hello

Song 2: Send my Love

Song 3: I MIss You

Song 9: Remedy

Song 10: Sweet Devotion

Song 11: Love in the Dark

Song 12: All I Ask

Trip the Light

The Focus is on the sound and silence of the music.

Song 1: Elephant (52 moves)

Song 2: Athena

Song 6: Trip The Light

Song 7: Everything

Song 8: Crazy Benny

Song 11: Love me Tomorrow

What's Love Got to do with It? ( Tina Turner)

The focus is Learn the move, Move the move and Energize the move.

Song 2: I Don't want to Fight about it

Song 3: Let's Stay Together

Song 3: Let's Stay Together (variation)

Song 4: Missing You

Song 8: Game of Love

Video - Extras

Routine:Heaven Help My Heart:

Song; Hope

Song: For All the TImes

Routine: Moulin Rouge:

Song: Sparkling Diamonds

Routine: West Side Story

Song: America

Routine: Light

Song: The Miracle of Light