Moving to Heal -The Art of Feeling Better


Moving to Heal Training Dates

Nia Moving to Heal schedule with Casey 


NOW offered online. via Zoom!

Wednesday June 10 - July 22nd

Seven weeks 10 am - 12pm 

$99 Nia Hq Registration via Eventbrite

$200 Balance to Casey

Contact or 518-348-9367

Tell me about Moving to Heal

Casey Talks about The Moving to Heal training

Designed with the unifying theme of healing, the Moving To Heal Teacher Training provides you with the knowledge and skills to deliver therapeutic benefits to students through the Nia class experience. Founded on the art of movement and the philosophy of The Body's Way, you will learn techniques to successfully engage people using Nia movement with White and Blue Belt principles to feel better.

Topics covered include philosophy of healing and The Body's Way, sensation science, somatic anatomy, Nia movement, and how to work with music to enhance a therapeutic movement experience. The training places specific emphasis on the ethics of healing and compassionate leadership while considering the needs of diverse students, e.g. cancer patients, Parkinson's Disease, trauma recovery or healing post-injury. The course includes topics on business and marketing.

This training is open to all individuals. In order to teach the program, you must be a current Teacher Member and complete the teacher apprentice program.

What people are saying:


"I love your specific approach to moving to heal, using new music, analyzing the moves and offering them in a simple but broken down kind of way is genius. 

I also want to say that the training played a role in changing a belief that I had that slowing down or using the chair is not fun, creative , conditioning…blah blah blah. My experience was just the opposite and I’m proud of my capacity to listen to my soul and be guided to your training. I think this work is going to change my life in a profound way. I would really like to come back to Albany and take some MTH classes with you as a guide while Im in the beginning of creating my new classes."  Robyn M. LCSW Nia Black Belt

Casey took me from moving to dancing to teaching. Her knowledge, passion, dedication and power is inspirational and infectious.

If you're looking for teacher-healer on your own personal development journey look no further.

Known as the 'velvet-hammer' she'll crack the best parts open with the gentle force of a true master.

Natasha Ellis Nia Blue Belt, Marketing Executive, Mom.

Payment Policy

$299. ($99 Nia Hq registration)

All trainings will be confirmed 30 days prior to the event start date. Nia Technique recommends all customers wait to purchase any travel or accommodations until the event has been confirmed. 

The fee for the training is split into two payments, a Registration Fee and an Instruction Fee. To reserve your spot in a training, you must pay a Registration Fee directly to Nia Technique, Inc. (via NiaNow's online registration system). The Trainer of your event will invoice you for the Instruction Fee and any applicable tax 30 days prior to the training start date. Based on the location of the event, the Trainer may invoice you in local currency at the current exchange rate with the USD.

*You will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the Moving To Heal program, including the training and apprenticeship.

Cancellation and Transfer Policy

The course fee is non-refundable. Should you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the training start date, the full amount of your fee will be credited to your Nia account. Should you cancel your registration less than 30 days prior to the training start date, you will forfeit your registration fee. All trainings will be confirmed 30 days prior to the event start date. Nia Technique recommends all customers wait to purchase any travel or accommodations until the event has been confirmed.  If this event is canceled by Nia Technique, you will receive a full refund.


Can I teach M2H while I am an apprentice!   


M2H Massive Attack info doc

M2H Routine: Massive Attack


M2H Massive Attack Routine created by Casey

View M2H Routine creation

Casey discusses Nia Moving to Heal routine class format and the format for the M2H Massive Attack routine. View video 

Song #1 . Unfinished Sympathy

The Focus of this song is the 13 Main joints: Isolate & Integrate.

View Video 

Song #2 Tear Drop

The focus of this song is the base & beat and intro to the slow clock. to isolate and integrate to create a systemic experience. View Video

Song #3 Karmacoma

The.focus of this song is The Three Body Weights: the Pelvic, Chest & Head, View Video

Song #4 Angel

The.focus of this song is Blocks View Video

Song #5 Ritual Spirit

The.focus of this song is Kicks Video TBA 

Song #6 Be Grateful for What you Got

The.focus of this song is Repetitive Choreography Video TBA

Song #7 Atlas

The.focus of this song is Nia Hand Technique Video TBA

Song #8 Silent Spring

The.focus of this song is Spine, Sink and Rise Video TBA

Song #9 & #10 Take It There & Cool Monsoon

Optional Floorplay and 5 Stages Video TBA

Nia's Moving to Heal


The Movement Forms Moving to Heal


view video

The Martial Arts

The Martial Arts: The energy and chemistry of 

Tai Chi: The Slow Dance

Akidio: The Dance of Spherical Harmonizing Motion

Tae Kwon Do: The Dance of Precision 

View video 

The Dance Arts

The Dance Arts: The Dance of Emotional Expression 

Jazz: The Dance of Fun, Showmanship & Expression

Modern: The Dance of Shapes & Space

Duncan: The Dance of Free Spirited Honest Movement

View video

The Healing Arts

The Healing Arts : The Dance of Functional Movement

Yoga: The Dance of Conscious Alignment of Bones & Joints

The Work of Moshe Feldenkrais: The Conscious Dance of Awareness

Alexander Technique: The dance of Movement from the top down

view video

52 Moves

52 moves quick review  view video




Six positions of the spine in a chair.