Nia Floorplay The Art of Play

An introduction to Nia Floorplay!

Nia FloorPlay


Floorplay Classes

Floorplay Classes are offered  at The Center for Nia & Yoga w/ Casey

Tuesdays 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Wednesdays 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm 

Nia Floorplay Training with creator Debbie Rosas

What is Nia FloorPlay?

Nia FloorPlay is a unique program that stimulates functional movement and self-healing by working with Nia principles and The Body’s Way philosophy. The practice uses space, time and gravity guided by the element of play to creatively condition the body.

Moving on the floor and playing is how, as children, the floor and play taught you what worked, and all without a personal trainer or “how to” book. The floor, your body, and gravity taught you to push, pull, reach, roll over, creep, crawl and squat, stand up, run, and walk. 

This body wisdom still lives in you, and the floor is still the body’s best playground and gym to get fit. How do you know you are connected to the sensation of Nia FloorPlay movement? There is a high degree of ease, elegance, and skill, what comes from following the body’s way. 

The power of Nia FloorPlay movement comes from learning to blend linear, fluid, spiral and circular movement, using the floor as your playground, your bones, joints, soft tissues and gravity as elements you play with to condition your body. Deeply sensuous, space becomes something you learn to touch, carve into, push and pull. Time, speed, repetition and the sensation of resisting, falling, suspending, reaching out and drawing in, along with moments of slowly lowering and raising the body up from the floor build a kind of dynamic conditioning exercise alone can not deliver.

If you feel the desire to learn more about moving on the floor to achieve greater levels of strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, and stability then now is the time to say “yes’ to taking the FloorPlay training.